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of the bathroom

We are dynamically developing company which focused its activities on industries connected with construction in Poland as well as abroad. Our more than 20-year-old presence in the market has resulted in the position of one of the leading companies in the industry.

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Excellent is known for its production of high-quality systems, reliable and visually attractive. While other companies often reduce the quality to be attractivelly priced, Excellent puts particular emphasis on high-quality materials and proven electromechanical components. In our exclusive line of baths Excellent Hydro-System there is no place for savings at the expense of quality and reliability.

In our company offer you will find a wide range of systems and baths, starting from basic to advanced water systems, microprocessor systems equipped with, among others, in therapeutical programs, systems of disinfection and spectacular lighting. Excellent constantly seeking to improve and diversify their products. With such a rigorous quality policy, customers greatly value and willingly choose those accepted among professionals from industry-leading products.